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Printer Auditing New Service Email Notification and Installation

Mon Jun 18, 2018 | DIGITEX

You will have likely received an email from requesting installation of our latest and greatest technological value add.  To better our service, support, and value to our clients we have begun deploying this new service.

In the days of spam and phishing it is incredibly important to verify emails asking for installation and we are very happy you are here verifying our email before proceeding to install.  (Since you’ve obviously aware of the risks associated with security, did you know we offer user security training and other compliance and security services?)

If you want to be absolutely certain the email you received was legitimate please do not hesitate to reach out to us to verify it (1-877-DIG-ITEX, 403-309-3341, or

The primary purposes of the new service are to:

  • ensure accurate billing through up-to-date meter reads
  • automatically detect supply levels and help us ensure you receive the right amount of supplies at the right time, before you need them
  • detect error codes and track repeat issues to solve problems before they impact your business
  • ensure we can quickly determine clients who require firmware updates when patches are released to address security vulnerabilities

It’s very important to note that no personal or computer information is in any way collected by this service.  All information is related to print devices such as printer specific consumables, meter reads, errors, firmware versions, and print device information.  If your IT is interested in being able to see the data collected, we can arrange a login for your site on request.

You may already have something previously installed with us, to ensure we can provide the most accurate, valuable and up to date service in managing your print fleets we are transitioning away from it to this new system. The previous software can be uninstalled, and this service installed in its place.

Please Install or Forward auto generated email to your IT support to install.  If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us (1-877-DIG-ITEX, 403-309-3341, or


Installation Instructions

  • Click the link provided in the email OR copy the link to an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc)
  • Click the Download Onsite button on the top of the web page that is opened from the link in step 1.
    • a) If using Internet Explorer – select Run from the options on the bottom of your screen.
    • b) If using Google Chrome – select Keep on the security warning on the bottom of your screen. Double click on the installer once it’s downloaded.
  • Prompts requesting access to make changes to the computer may be displayed. Select “Yes” or “Agree” to continue.
  • Any additional screens, click “Yes” “Next” or “Accept” to complete the installation.
  • When you reach the final screen it will have the “Finish” option.

Some technical mumbo jumbo for those who need it

Needs Windows or Windows Server (Requires .NET 3.5 on Server 2012 and newer)

Internally utilizes SMB (v1, 2, and/or 3)

Utilizes SSL over HTTPS (same technology as online banking)

Only a few kB per device for network usage.

Information Data that is collected

If you or your IT support have additional technology or security questions related to the installation please don’t hesitate to ask!

Questions: contact us 1-877-DIG-ITEX, 403-309-3341, or



Hardware box (DigiPi)

Many environments change enough to cause issues with local installations of the service (eg. sites may not have servers there, are all Mac, or computers are frequently changing) so we offer a piece of hardware to ensure we can work with your environment but still provide you the same level of service you expect. Many new devices will come with this box and only one per environment is needed to be effective. If something goes wrong with the DigiPi there no charge to fix or replace it.



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