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Managed Print Services

Helping your business enter the digital realm, the option to progress at your own pace, and providing you with options for simple plug and play printing infrastructure.

Is your Office Printing out of control?

Office Printing Challenges

  • No User Restrictions
  • Cost Visibility
  • Multiple Vendors
  • IT Resource Drain
  • No Cartridge Recycling

How have Managed Print Services helped our customers?

  • Streamlining and reduction of the device fleet
  • Predictable print-related expenses 
  • Improved Uptime, supply and service management
  • Expert remote monitoring and reporting usage
  • Waste Reduction and overall reduction of environmental footprint
  • Reduced IT Burden & Document Security
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Pen on printed documents with graphs
Pen on printed documents with graphs

What is Managed Print Services?

The workplace is changing. Digitex MPS (Managed Print Services) puts your printing needs in the hands of our expert team – boosting productivity with simple workflows; from ordering supplies, streamlining technical support and security, cost control and mobility, we are connecting your assets and beyond!

Is my business too small to benefit from a Managed Print Solution?

No, you are never too small to start with a scalable digital foundation to your business, with Digitex MPS (Managed Print Services) whether you choose Digitex to manage your printer fleet or manage it yourself, we offer scalable solutions and the flexibility you need to control your devices; regardless of size these options boost your productivity and reduce your costs.

Our solutions grow with your business!

Step 1 - Our Strategy Assessment

Our MPS (Managed Print Solution) Strategy and Risk Assessment begins by meeting with the stakeholders: a business owner, CEO/CIO, or IT Director and learning about your current state. During this initial interview, we identify any pain points which helps us design a custom-fit assessment for each client.

It’s important to know where your devices are, how much they are being used and for what purpose, in addition to how much they are costing your company to operate.

Step 2 - Findings and Recommendations

Our recommended roadmap to optimization. We provide you with a detailed overview of the team's recommendations; outlining educated and insightful advice on how to optimize your business hardware.

Step 3 - Optimize your Managed Print Services

For one predictable monthly cost we will deploy these solutions and set up the infrastructure in which to manage your printer hardware, service and automated supplies for you.

Step 4 - Manage, Maintain and Evolve

Don’t make decisions based on where you are—make decisions based on where you want to be.

Thanks to Digitex monitoring and hands-on management of your business hardware we can become a partner in enhancing your efficiency and reducing your costs today and suggesting a plan for all of your next steps in the future.

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