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Managed Print Services

Save your organization time, money, and increase efficiency.

Print Management enables organizations worldwide to significantly lower the cost and environmental impact of printing and copying.

MPS – is a mix of software tools, services and custom solutions designed to transform your organization.

A detailed Managed Print Services Program enables you, the customer, to better manage a variety of print devices throughout your network. An all-inclusive print program includes service, maintenance, “just-in-time” delivery of consumables, and “right-size” fit technology inside of your organization.

Partnering with a variety of manufacturers enables Digitex to provide customers with ultimate flexibility in the program.


Digitex MPS Assessment

This assessment enables you to have a better-detailed understanding of your current print environment.

It will provide a snapshot view of your current print devices and costs surrounding those devices in a customized presentation using industry best practices and third party industry standards.

Digitex will provide information about departmental needs and requirements, technology considerations, optimization of devices, and most importantly, cost reduction.

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Print Management

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PrinterLogic is the enterprise print management solution that embodies versatility and power. Able to integrate seamlessly into any environment, with or without print servers, PrinterLogic allows you to centrally manage each and every networked printer in your organization from a single pane of glass.


That includes:

  • Creating, modifying and deleting printers—selectively or en masse
  • Initiating dynamic deployments according to Active Directory users, groups, containers, hostnames, IP address ranges, and more
  • Monitoring printer queues and deleting stuck jobs on workstations throughout your organization
  • Auditing print jobs on both macro and micro levels to reduce consumables usage and reveal print costs
  • Administering driver updates, profile settings, and custom configurations
  • Eliminating expensive print servers altogether along with the demands of scripts and group policy objects (GPOs)

PrinterLogic is the enterprise mobile printing software that is flexible yet robust enough to meet the diverse printing challenges of your entire organization.

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With over 50,000 client sites worldwide and a growing reputation as the product of choice for education and corporate verticals, PaperCut continues to meet the demand through the provision of smart, flexible, low cost print and copy management software. Featuring the latest web based administration and end user tools, including driverless web printing and enhanced scripting e.g. job routing and “Find Me” (pull) printing by login, account or card ID based authentication methods. , business makers, IT administrators and users alike all agree that PaperCut meets their needs at an affordable price.


With PaperCut MF you can:

  • Manage your print environment
  • Save money and the planet
  • Secure your printing Integrate with third-party systems
  • Manage 3D printing and Print Rooms
  • Give users power
  • Digitize documents

PaperCut provides complete visibility and control of your print environment. Contact your Digitex representative today or email for more information.

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