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Enterprise Content Management

Streamline processes, enforce policies, increase transparency, secure your content and unlock the power of data.

Every day, your office accesses hundreds, if not thousands, of unique files, from a wide range of channels. The amount of data your office works with is staggering--and it grows every day. This data is spread across numerous systems, from servers to email to SharePoint to file-sharing services to CRMs to flash drives, making the right file hard to find. All these systems slow down users, decrease productivity, increase errors, and represent a drain on human and IT resources.

It's time your office embraced the digital transformation. Digitex Content Management unifies and streamlines your document workflow. Empower your team to access information from wherever they are. Share data quickly and securely. Facilitate collaboration. Harness the power of data. Transform the way your office handles information with Digitex Content Management.

Enterprise Content Management isn’t just for the Enterprise anymore. Digitex’s products and services make the many optimization and modernization benefits of digital transformation available and affordable to all sizes of organizations. Fewer employees and tighter bottom lines means having an even larger need for efficient workflow.

Layered image of IT management systems for business

Mobile Office

Today's employees are always on the go. Fully integrate mobile devices, so your team has seamless access to vital documents and processes wherever and whenever they're needed.

Digital Mailroom

Automate the time-consuming tasks of data entry, document classification, and routing. You can reduce the chance of human error, improve efficiency and reclaim time spent processing and indexing documents.

HR Onboarding

Eliminate inefficiencies in onboarding and get new employees up to speed in record time by automating HR onboarding. You can create one, comprehensive modern solution for all hiring and onboarding tasks.


Paper invoices can slow down a business to a crawl where they need to be agile. Track invoices from the moment they are received or produced. Reduce errors, and ensure your resources are going where they need to.

Regulatory Compliance

Improve how you manage your office and ensures your team remains compliant with the latest privacy and workplace regulations.

Digitization and Document Capture

Transform your existing paper records into dynamic, accessible digital documents. With high-volume scanners and robust document solutions, your information is easily captured, processed, and made available to those who need it.

Document Security

Few things are as important as securing your information. With robust security features like access control, audit trails, file encryption, intrusion detection and data loss prevention, ensure your business-critical documents remain protected.

Digital Signatures

Automate the approval process and simplify your workflow.

Centralized Access

Unify your databases and reduce redundancy. With Digitex Content Management, access your content in one, easy-to-access place. Spend less time searching, and more time doing.

Centralized Database

Unify your databases and reduce redundancy. Connect your content in one, easy-to-access repository. Spend less time searching, and more time doing.

Green Revolution

Eliminate wasted paper and help your office meet its environmental goals by developing a truly electronic workflow.


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