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Device Rentals

Five reasons why you might consider renting office equipment rather than buying it.

  1. You need the equipment sooner rather than later

    New office equipment often has a lead time, Digitex is largely able to deliver office equipment within 24 to 48 hours.

  2. Your business has unpredictable growth

    Are you a Startup or a new small business?

    Are you having a hard time projecting your growth at the moment? What if you experience a sudden uptick in business or you land a large sale and need to hire 50 more people temporarily or quickly?

    Do you experience a seasonal increase in business?

  3. You don’t have the cash flow yet… and we understand

    Our Digitex Business Consultants work with all business sizes, and they know new business many times don't have a ton of cash. Renting office equipment temporarily, allows you to get what you want now, however without the upfront price.

  4. You have a short-term lease or office sublease

    Are you still in flux, or still finding your business that special space or home?

    Sometimes you may find a perfect space that has a short- term sublease remaining or maybe your business is a startup that is growing, and you prefer to sign a short-term lease to remain flexible.

    Digitex office equipment rentals allow you the flexibility of meeting those demands in the short-term.

  5. You change your brand or image often

    If you are constantly changing or evolving your brand, then renting furniture will give you the ability to try out different styles. Office furniture is like a car. After you buy it loses a certain percentage of its resale value. It depreciates faster than a car does also. If you want the most current up to date style, then renting office furniture is your best option.

A short-term rental can work for your remote office location, small start-up, or temporary office site. You'll get the same superior product and the same level of expertise and service from our Digitex experts.

If your business coordinates projects in different locations, and it includes the set-up of one or multiple office equipment onsite, you may want to consider a quick and easy short-term rental as an option. Renting office equipment will reduce set up and delivery costs tied to your temporary office.

This service is most effective for those customers who have a time-based project such as an event, trade show, meeting or training session requiring products on daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Our short-term rentals program is usually a fast approval process and can provide an off- the-shelf or tailor-made solution for each or our customers.

Your office printing equipment is delivered and configured by our experienced team of service technicians and information technology experts anywhere you need it.

Advantages of Renting

  • No capital outlay.
  • Tax benefits.
  • Technical Support.
  • Regular Maintenance.
  • Consumables and Supplies.
  • Equipment upgrades.
  • Equipment availability.
  • Avoid storage or shipping costs.
  • When your job ends, the equipment comes back.
  • No dealing with unneeded assets, storage, or shipping costs.
  • Automatic upgrades when systems useful life is reached.
  • Trade Shows, conferences, seminars, meetings, events.
  • Visual arts, film productions, advertising, and sponsorship programs.
  • Architectural, engineering and construction projects.
  • Audits, tax season and year-end reporting.

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