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Message From Our President

Mon Aug 20, 2018 | DIGITEX

Are you getting full value for the investments your company has made in technology? As a business owner myself, almost every day we hear about a new technology our company must invest in to keep up to date. Some of these ideas are great, others...well, I just take a pass on. How do I know which ones are which

Thankfully, Digitex is a technology company with a full team of experienced professionals that guide our decision making process. We are now putting these resources to work for you.

What is the best laptop to buy my salespeople? Do we need antivirus (yes) and ransomware protection? (absolutely!) Would we save money and improve service with a VoIP system? (probably.) Should I invest in a larger centralized multifunction printer or smaller workgroup MFS? (depends on your workflow.) Do I have a good disaster recovery plan? (the time to find out is not when you need to find out.)

Technology should be a means to maximize the productivity of your employees. It should be a means to make you maintain your business continuity in the event of a disruption. If you are not careful, it can also be a big pit you throw money into. That’s where we come in.

Every couple of weeks, Digitex will email out a newsletter that gives you a quick synopsis on an office technology that explains it in simple terms. We will also include a few options of which products we think represent good value for your business. We call this Digitex 411. I hope it will help you and your team make good business decisions.

Let Digitex Help.

Do you have a trusted partner that can help you make smart technology decisions? Since 1997, we’ve been providing technology advice and support to over 5,000 Western Canadian businesses. Do you need help making a technology decision? Call or email us today. The team at Digitex can bring in subject matter expertise on any aspect of technology that can help you make good business decisions. How can we help?

Hugh Porter-President-Digitex-Canada



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