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Toner Scam Alert

Fri Feb 09, 2018 | DIGITEX


You could receive a call from someone claiming to be a representative or sub-contractor of Digitex. They might state that the price of toner is going up and you have the opportunity to purchase your toner at the old price, or that they are hired at Digitex to supply manuals for your copier/printer - or some variation of this script. They may have already called your company a few times to get the information regarding your machine, so they may seem very knowledgeable about your company and your copier(s).

Note that Digitex does NOT solicit our customers to purchase toner.
Under the terms of your service contract, you pay a cost per page for each page you print. All your toner, parts, repairs and service are included in this contract. You do NOT pay directly for your toner.

If you do receive a call from someone stating they are from Digitex and are unsure, please ask if you can call back. Call 1.877.344.4839 and we will confirm if the person you were talking to is a Digitex employee.



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