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Without Secure Print Release, Confidential Information Is At Risk

Wed Jan 15, 2020 | DIGITEX

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Sensitive documents and information pass through your office every single day. Think about how often these documents are getting printed, then left uncollected at print stations—open for anyone to take. Your company is responsible for keeping confidential information secure. Information like medical and legal records, customer invoices, billing details, employee tax, and account information are being absentmindedly sent to printers across your office. 

In larger companies, this becomes an even bigger threat as print jobs are easily sent to the wrong device. Employees think: “Oh well!” And try a new device without even thinking about the repercussions.

This simple action is putting your company’s sensitive information at risk
and has the potential to expose client/employee data, which can quickly escalate to a lawsuit.

You need to be able to authenticate each print job that takes place at your office with secure print release.

Here’s why.

  • Increased Security. Documents will not print until your employees physically walk up to the printer and authenticate the print job with a code or key card. This increases the security of your documents by restricting open access to information and reduces the chance of an information leak.
  • Reduced Waste. Your employees can’t forget about documents that don’t print. As a result, you will save money on paper and supplies and reduce the waste your company outputs from uncollected print jobs. 
  • Convenience. Employees can send a print job through and collect it whenever or wherever it best suits them. Gone are the days where employees have to trek three flights of stairs to collect a print job near their desk mid-meeting.  

If you’re looking for a secure print release solution, we’ve had great success with PaperCut MF. This solution allows your employees to enhance the security of your documents with “Find-Me” Printing, a “roaming print service that allows print jobs to find users based on their physical location” (PaperCut). It also increases device security with the use of user ID key codes and/or cards. You should feel confident that your documents and devices are secure.

Contact a Digitex rep for information on how to get started with a secure print release solution or read more on Document Solutions here.





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