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Three Reasons Standardization Will Keep “Tech Envy” At Bay

Wed Aug 14, 2019 | DIGITEX

tech envy.


a condition whereby employees in an office immediately become jealous when other employees get shiny new tech toys. Buying new computers for your entire office may not be realistic, but standardizing your office technology will make your necessary tech purchases a heck of a lot easier (and cheaper!).

Here are three reasons why you need to standardize your technology.


1. Decrease The Amount of Oh-So-Common “Tech Envy"

Your employees absolutely keep track of who has the best and most expensive devices with the latest capabilities. Knowing this, it’s no wonder tensions build between employees. You don’t want to portray the message that any employee of the same rank is of a lower priority. The solution? Setup all your employees for the same level of success by standardizing your devices. It’s a win-win for you, and them.  

2. Make Day-to-Day Tasks Easier

By standardizing your technology products, you will not only make employee tasks easier, but you will increase the productivity of your business. By simply adding this (not-so-small) level of consistency to your workflow, you will be saving a significant amount of time, and, as you know — time is money. Having the same devices across the board makes tasks such as training and document sharing simpler and more efficient. So say goodbye to converting files and creating multiple versions of your documents. And, when it’s time for service, you will have the same parts to deal with and the same prices to pay (bonus!). 

3. Growing Will Be A Seamless Transition

As your business grows and goes through significant transitions, it’s helpful to have peace of mind when it comes to your office technology (one less thing to worry about!). One of the most difficult parts about moving offices, or opening a new location is learning new technology and deciding which products to carry over. If you standardize your technology, you will save hours of time and money in general admin, and your employees won’t need to re-learn how to use their technology (plus, they can easily train new employees!).

You can never fully eliminate the dreaded “Tech Envy”, but you can keep it at bay by understanding that standardization across the board and a solid product refresh every once in a while can go a long way. 

If you’re like most companies, you don’t know which products are best for your employees. And that’s okay, it’s not your job to know, but it is ours.


Contact a Digitex specialist today and let us help you standardize your technology and optimize your workflow. 





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