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Four Reasons Why You Should Standardize Your Devices

Tue Jul 30, 2019 | DIGITEX

Let’s face it—companies today print significantly less than they did 10 years ago. With activities such as billing and payroll now taking place online, there’s been a shift in the way we do business. This being said, take a good look at your current print fleet. Do you have too many devices for the amount of printing you do on a weekly basis? 

Many organizations assume that since they are printing less and digitizing various elements of their business, their printers don’t require as much attention. 

This is a mistake. Let me tell you why. 

1. Cost
  • Newer print devices require much less service and often have a lower cost per page than older devices. In some cases, the cost of a colour print is close to the same as black and white pages on older models.
  • The cost of the page is only one of several factors of the overall Total Cost of Ownership for printers and MFPs. In fact, devices that do not print much can continue to use ink and toner every day to self-clean and check themselves. Electricity, physical space, and network management software are additional costs to consider.

2. Functionality
  • Your employees likely need more than a single function black and white printer. Scan to email and colour output are requirements. Forcing employees to walk to a centralized device with these functions easily negates the potentially lower page costs of central printers.


3. Security
  • Old printers are a risk to your business because hackers specifically target printers with outdated firmware. Most manufacturers stop updating firmware for devices within 6-7 years of their release, creating vulnerabilities on your network.
  • According to IDC, “35% of all security breaches in offices were traced back to an unsecured printer or multi-function device, costing companies $133,800 each year”.

4. Standardization
  • Standardization of printers has many benefits. In office environments where employees move around, having a  standard set of devices that share print drivers makes it easy for employees to print, wherever they are. PIN codes, standard user interfaces, and output ensure employees reduce waste and save time on mundane tasks. 


Who has time to manage all of this?


We do! At Digitex, we live and breathe print fleet optimization. Imagine being able to:

  • Keep track of unnecessary printing
  • Detect inefficiencies
  • Improve processes
  • Advance your productivity and office workflows
  • Reduce your costs
  • Get the most out of your existing fleet 


With print fleet optimization, you can. Contact a Digitex specialist today to find out more.



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