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This is the Service Your IT Department Needs to Succeed

Wed Sep 25, 2019 | DIGITEX

It’s 2019, we need technology. There’s no way around that. 

Almost everything is done digitally and it’s difficult to do business without it anymore. It’s ingrained in our lives from the minute we wake up and turn on our coffee machines to the moment we go to bed and plug our mobile devices into their chargers.

Unfortunately, with technology, you get IT issues that create delays in the workplace and put unnecessary stress on your employees. We all know that your IT department is too busy and important to be dealing with printer jams and resetting computer hard drives.

This is paid time that could no doubt be better spent elsewhere. 

So, ask yourself:

  • Is your IT department bogged down by relentless print issues?
  • Do your employees waste time on the phone with techs trying to solve these issues?
  • Is your print server maintained? Do you know if it's secure?

    We can help.

    We strive to implement technology that supports your business’ needs. We want to work with you to drive growth and profit while making your day-to-day simpler and more efficient. 

    With Digitex’s Smart Office Managed IT Services, we’ve got your IT covered. With this, you will receive the following services:

    Help Desk

    Your employees depend on your technology being up and running to do their job, with Managed IT Services from Digitex we can help reduce downtime and keep your employees and your technology running smoothly.

    On-Site Support

    You can't solve every issue remotely or over the phone. Digitex's field service team can be on-site today to help get your technology up and running.

    Remote Support

    Our trained technicians are available to help resolve any issue.

    Server Maintenance

    Does your in-house server run mission-critical operations for your business? Make sure it is secure, updated, and backed up with Digitex's Server Maintenance program.

    Getting a handle on your IT will allow your employees to focus on what really matters. All you have to do is invest in a better, smarter way to deal with your technology. A way that will allow for substantial growth and that will adapt as your business does. 

    Contact a Digitex specialist today to find out more.  




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