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Managed Print Services: What It Is and How You Can Benefit

Tue Oct 08, 2019 | DIGITEX

Office printing is alive and well. Many business processes still rely heavily on printed documents. Take invoicing for example: over 60% of invoices each month are printed and mailed. What about employees scanning documents, signed contracts, or marketing materials? Yes, we still need printers and as long as that is true, someone needs to manage the office printing.


So, who's job is it:

- To make sure the printers firmware is secure and up to date?

- Order and manage ink, toner and the service to keep them running?


Do you do it yourself? Why? Is it the best use of your time?


Managed Print Service (MPS) is an all-inclusive supply, parts and labour agreement that includes the optimization, simplification, and management of your business’ print fleet, allowing your employees to focus on what really matters: your business. Here’s what MPS truly entails and how it can benefit you. 

Management and Optimization

An MPS specialist knows your equipment and your print environment. They will find devices in your fleet that are not meeting your requirements, giving you recommendations to cut costs and increase efficiency within your workplace. How? By minimizing downtime due to various print malfunctions.

Managed Print Services

Enhanced Security

Print security is often overlooked, but not with an MPS specialist. Your MPS provider will address any potential risks to your print network and take action to protect your sensitive information. This includes consistently verifying the health and wellness of your devices and ensuring your printers get the updates they require, so you and your IT department can continue to focus on high priority tasks.

Supplies and Service

An MPS specialist is like a dear friend that you never knew you needed, but now, realize you can’t live without. They are your dedicated support and service team. Need ink and toner? Or perhaps some technical support? No problem. Your MPS specialist has your back.

Enhance your business, your productivity and make your life easier, with your buddy, the MPS specialist. Sure, your employees can put some of the above best practices into play, but at Digitex, we live and breathe print. Let us take care of your fleet—we assure you it will be cheaper, more efficient and it will allow you to focus on your business instead of your printers. 





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