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Why You Should Digitize Your Paper Documents Right Now

Wed Apr 17, 2019 | DIGITEX

How long does it currently take you to locate the exact paper file(s) you’re looking for? Are you always successful in finding them? Probably not. But if you are, what is the cost to your business in time spent searching? And how protected are you from disaster if something happened to your document storage system that exists solely on paper? Let’s take a look.

More than half of all businesses in North America do not have a disaster recovery plan (Storage Craft). These companies are susceptible to instances of burglary, flood, and fire, to name a few. Essential and competitive data, employee records, medical history, and other items are compromised or lost without any ability to repair the damage or restore the files. The aftermath of an event like this is devastating, consider the Fort Mac wildfire. Billowing flames spread across 1.5 million acres in Alberta before it was declared under control by officials. Would your business survive a very real and recent event such as this?

If you store backups off-site, you are the minority, and you are somewhat protected but at a cost that will only continue to grow. The average monthly cost of a self-storage unit in the U.S. is $88.85 (Spare Foot). That’s $1,066.20 each year for an ineffective system that hinders your workflow, and the day you outgrow your current storage space may be closer than you think. This will only further complicate your ability to locate paper files in multiple locations.  



Effective management of critical company data needs to be a priority, and Digitex’s Document Solutions can help.


Let us boost your office's efficiency with technology such as document capture and storage, mobile accessibility, and enterprise content management. Through our flexible offerings in the cloud, on-premise, through a subscription or a service, Digitex has you covered.

Digitizing your paper documents will not only protect you from disaster and optimize your workflow, but it will also allow you to easily meet compliance requirements with implemented security measures and ensure you are fully leveraging your technology investments. Why wait? Don’t let your piles of paper grow any taller.


Contact Digitex today for a customized solution to meet your office's unique document storage needs.






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