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How Much Coffee do you Need to Make a Decision? Digitex Invents the Caffeinometer.

Wed Mar 20, 2019 | DIGITEX

Did you know Canadians consume an average of 687 cups of coffee each year? We put our scientists at the Digitex lab to work to answer the question, why do we drink so much coffee? The answer might surprise you.

“Originally we were going to test caffeine consumption on mice, but as we strongly disprove of animal testing, we moved straight to human subjects,” said Stan Mikita, Head of Office Research at Digitex. 

“We studied them in their natural setting—the office—performing a range of office tasks such as printing a document, connecting to wifi, answering the telephone, and even dealing with a malware threat.”



Although some of these tasks were quite frustrating, we want to be clear that no office employees were injured during testing. What we found was that each task could be measured on a scale based on how frustrating and boring it was; the higher the score, the more caffeine was needed to complete the task.



“Some of the results were almost too difficult to watch,” Mikita explained. Our sales team wanted to jump in and help them, but we knew the benchmarking was critical. There can be no doubt that the frustration employees have with their office technology is leading to overconsumption of coffee.

Digitex has now turned its attention to helping customers reduce their caffeine consumption by improving their office technology. We’ll keep you posted with some new ideas that can reduce the over-reliance Canadians have on coffee.

When asked for a comment, The Canadian Coffee Federation declined to comment, only saying any conspiracy between the coffee industry and the IT industry to increase worker frustration on purpose to drive coffee sales, has never been proven.

More to come as this story unfolds.



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