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How To: Protect Your Company from Internal and External Threats

Tue Nov 05, 2019 | DIGITEX

Your customers trust you with their personal and sensitive information, but should they? With 60% of companies having experienced cyberattacks in 2019 alone (CPO Magazine, 2019), you may not be worthy of their trust...yet. 

Many businesses take information security for granted—until they see their data for sale on the dark web, or they are contacted with an offer to buy back the data before it goes public. If the breach becomes public, bad press can make acquiring new business more difficult for YEARS.

How trustworthy are you right now?

- Do you have a way to track when a file is accessed?
- What about who it was accessed by?
- Are you alerted when there is a file intrusion or suspicious behavior?
- Does your company have a policy in place to protect confidential information?

If you don’t know or don’t think about these things, you’re not worthy of your client’s trust. Here’s how you can be.

First, look within your own organization.

Protect your company on the inside with Audit Trails. This security feature compiles your records and tracks document history. Anytime an electronic record is accessed, whether its to read or to edit it, the software makes note of it.

This automated logging system holds each member of your staff accountable for their interactions with a record. An audit trail creates transparency throughout your office and helps you keep compliance under control. You will be alerted of any intrusions or suspicious behaviors so that you and your IT team can be in control and stay on top of it. 

Second, look outside of your organization.

Protect your company on the outside with Access Control. In order to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to your system, security and access policies need to be put in place. How confident are you that your customer’s data is secure from outside threats? If you don’t have the right security protocols and systems, chances are, not very. The benefit of the access control feature is that you can deter attacks. The system can detect, take action, and alert you of threats from different access points.

Be worthy of your client’s trust. With the increased number of cyber and malware attacks, it is crucial to get ahead and protect yourself both internally and externally.

Need help on one side or the other? Digitex has you covered.




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