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How to Lower the Prices You See Online

Wed Jun 05, 2019 | DIGITEX

What’s the first thing you take note of when you’re looking at a product online? Sure, it might have a nice image and helpful description, but what really counts? The number. How much will this product cost you? Well, that number you’re looking at, it might actually be very off. There are several ways you can lower the price you see online. Here’s how…

It’s important to first understand that the number you see is often base pricing. No discounts have been applied and no financing options explored. You can choose to accept this price, or, you can choose to save. At Digitex, our discounts can range anywhere from 10-30% off. Don’t believe us? Let us give you a quote.

The price you see is a starting point and discount levels will vary by product and by customer. Connect with one of our reps today to learn what level of savings your business could take advantage of. By creating an account with us, you’ll see this special pricing and have access to your quotes at any time.

For a limited time, we're offering 10% off your first purchase. To apply this savings to your order automatically click here or use the code: JUNEPROMO. This offer will expire on June 20th, 2019. 





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