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3 Tips for Success—Are You Planning for 2021?!

Tue Dec 15, 2020 | DIGITEX

1. Acknowledge Your Current State

    Determining where your business stands will allow and help you kick-start planning for 2021. In order to do so, consider applying a technique used by many businesses called the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis.

    This will help you determine the following:

    Strengths: Which areas are you currently performing well in and how can you leverage these to help your business gain fast traction with resources, skills, or knowledge already in place? This is where those amazing team members and unique offers that you already have come into play, USE THEM!

    Weaknesses: Which areas of your business may be holding you back that should be removed or improved? What isn’t working? We admit this can be difficult, especially when we have an emotional attachment to an idea or service. But stick with it! Bring in those team members and really listen, and remember the numbers aren’t always the whole story, sometimes you just haven’t gotten the idea in front of the right customer yet.

    Opportunities: Opportunities available for your business to expand on.

    Threats: Reflect on the obstacles from 2020 and think about the threats your business may have experienced.


    2. Preparation for Disruption

    One of the biggest challenges across all industries this year has been controlling overhead operating costs and the need to simplify how we all work remotely. In order to plan for these disruptions in 2021, take advantage of your Digitex Account Managers' expertise and consider some of the following:

    Beat potential manufacturer price increases- stay ahead of potential increases and lock in your operating costs now, before prices are adjusted to reflect new operating and shipping costs.

    Increase Cash Flow- discuss options with your Account Manager. For example; Bundling your services, or right sizing for the “new normal” and Financing options for all your office solutions; from Software licensing and technology needs for remote office to Print management and new equipment needs in your Business's “new office”.

    Manage Your Time & Resources- find ways for your infrastructure to be managed within the contracts for the equipment or software. Work smarter not harder! You have enough on your plate as a business owner, don’t be afraid to have a list of needs and let us see what we can cross off that list for you.


    3. Pivoting is a Must

    We’ve seen how unpredictable situations can arise and impact businesses. It’s uncertain if 2021 will repeat the same obstacles we’ve seen this year, so it’s important to ensure your business has the potential ability to pivot and adapt to any unforeseen changes in the future. Below are a couple ways to consider pivoting:

    Including new services to your business- Think outside that typical box of services that you normally provide; the bright side of these unpredictable times are that they have provided some unique needs for clients. Be the first business to fill them!

    Re-Think Face to Face- Pivoting from in person meetings, to video chat calls with your customers. Web meetings, Virtual Coffee Breaks, a friendly face means a lot and be it in person or on a screen, be the one that shows up! Ask us how!

    Think Smaller!- consider pivoting some of your business into smaller businesses and overall, more business/contracts; with more people working from home and being in their homes more, some aspects of your offering can be “right-sized” to meet those demands.



    I think we all agree that being able to adapt is critical in the face of potential challenges in 2021. Digitex is the right partner, whether it is questions about planning and design for “the new office” solutions to avoid disruptions, or consultation on how to achieve that new vision that is keeping you up at night.

    Thank you for your partnership in 2020 and we look forward to supporting you in the future. 


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