Product Category: Display Solutions

Sharp PN-K321

Sharp’s new professional-use PN-K321 LCD monitor heralds an entirely new generation of displays that incorporate Sharp’s cutting-edge IGZO* technology. This technology offers two major advantages: extraordinarily high resolution and energy efficiency....
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Sharp LL-S201A Touch Screen Monitor

Sharp debuts a highly responsive touchscreen monitor that brings a new dimension of interactive functionality to the workplace. This 20-inch-class touchscreen LCD panel delivers full HD resolution with performance-enhancing UV2A technology. Its 10-point multi-touch screen provides extremely quick response for writing and touch gestures. When connected to a device running Windows® 8, the monitor serves as...
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Sharp LL- P202V Touch Screen Monitor

The LL-P202V is a 20-inch-class multi-touch LCD monitor with a digitizer function that lets you write directly on the display with the bundled digitizer pen. LL-P202V opens up a broad range of possible applications when used with graphics software or with office software such as Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and Outlook®....
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