Since 1987, more than 35,000 organizations worldwide — including federal, state and local government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies have chosen Laserfiche® ECM software to streamline document and business process management (e.g., accounts payable, case management, third-party and contract management, records management).

Based in Long Beach, California, with global headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in Shanghai, Toronto, Mexico, London, Washington, D.C., and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Laserfiche uses its Run Smarter® philosophy to create simple and elegant enterprise content management (ECM) solutions.


  • Document Imaging - Converts paper documents into an electronic or digital format.
  • Document Management - Manages documents (physical or digital) throughout their life cycle.
  • Business Process Management - Applies workflow technology to content-related processes in order to standardize and optimize them.
  • Laserfiche Avante - Manages all organizational content throughout itslife cycle, including acquisition, filing, access control,routing (using BPM) and archiving.


  • Capture paper and electronic documents
  • Comprehensive document security
  • Microsoft Office® Integration
  • Instant search and retrieve information
  • Automate resource-intensive processes


  • Paper and electronic documents
  • Faxes, Paper and electronic forms, E-mails
  • Third-party databases and applications
  • DoD 5015.2- and VERS-certified records management
  • Digital signatures
  • Role-based authorization
  • Access control
  • Security watermarks and audit trails
  • Microsoft Office®
  • IntegrationMicrosoft SharePoint® Integration
  • Apps for use with iOS and AndroidTM smartphones and tablets


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